Division 2

With the aim of creating a big year-round event and developing golf clubs and players at a national level, the Belgian Golf League (BGL) has introduced an exciting format of competition since 2018.

The Belgian Golf League is the unique golf championship reserved only for Belgian clubs.

The clubs compete against each other throughout the season, like in other sports (football, hockey, basketball, etc.), through their best players and promising young players.

This competition takes place takes place throughout the year in the form of a simple and linear championship in the participating golf clubs (Home & Away)

Our main objectives are :

  • Create a strong team spirit within your team of top players;
  • Provide more game exposure and match experience for your players;
  • Create communication tools for more exposure.
  • Structure of Division 2

The championship comprises 1 pool of 8 teams. Teams face off against each other (7 matches).

A final between clubs ranked 1st & 2nd at the end of the season will be played to determine the winner of Division 2.

The top two clubs at the end of the year will be promoted to Division 1.


  • Matches

A club team comprises 4 players (2 will play Single Match Play and 2 4BBB).  All matches will be played without strokes.

Players are ranked in ascending order of handicaps :

    • 2 lowest handicaps players will play in Single Match Play.
    • 2 highest handicaps player will play in 4BBB Match Play.


  • Schedule

Schedule for 2021 :

    • Round 1 : 29.05.2021
    • Round 2 : 05.06.2021
    • Round 3 : 19.06.2021
    • Round 4 : 18.09.2021
    • Round 5 : 25.09.2021
    • Round 6 : 02.10.2021
    • Round 7 : 09.10.2021

Matches are played at 8.30am (flight 1) and 8.40 (flight 2).

These match times can be modified with the agreement of both clubs but must take place on the scheduled day.


  • Courses designation

The championship for the Division 2 is organized under the format “home / away” following a draw before the competition.

The “home” club hosts the match.

Depending on the draw each club hosts 3 or 4 matches (home club and opponents’ club).


  • Scoring management

Thanks to our partnership with WAMP, the league is fully digital. Team captains register players through the website and players fill in their scores after the game directly through the App.


Conditions of participation :

The Belgian Golf League is a golf championship reserved for Belgian clubs. Each club can register one or several teams in the league, and

  • must be an 18 hole golf course*;
  • provide 2 tee times, 3 or 4 times a year for the matches
  • must nominate an official team captain (contact with the BGL Team);
  • pay a joining fee of 450€ (exc. VAT) for the general administration;
  • follow the rules and values of the Belgian Golf League;
  • promote the league (results, news, …)

* If a club does not have 18 holes, it can still participate in the League but must make arrangements to use the facilities of another 18 hole golf club.

Do you want more info or register your club or team ? Contact us : thibault@kick-up.be