Official pools for the 2020 edition !

Due to the lockdown period, the BGL Team has adapted the structure of the competition around only 6 events, and create a unique “Covid” Format with 4 pools (for Men) and 2 pools (for Women).
The Belgian Golf League Team
10 - 07 - 2020

4 pools for the Men's League, 2 pools for the Women's League

The pools are based on the ranking of last season and with a draw for the new clubs.

Men’s Pools :

Pool A : Rigenée, Latem, L’Empereur & Bercuit

Pool B : La Bruyère, La Tournette, Cleydael & Keerbergen

Pool C : Rinkven, 7 Fontaines, Zoute & National

Pool D : Waterloo, Ravenstein, Oudenaarde & Ternesse

In the Men’s League, after the “pool” clashes, clubs ranked 1 & 2 from each group will compete for position 1 to 8 (1/4, ½ and Final). Clubs ranked 3 & 4 will compete for position 9 to 16.

Women’s League :

Pool A : Ravenstein, National, La Tournette & Latem

Pool B : Waterloo, Rigenée, La Bruyère & 7 Fontaines

For the Women’s League, following the “pool” clashes, clubs ranked 1st from each group will fight against the 4th of the other group for a place in 1/2 Final. The clubs ranked 2nd will compete against the 3rd for the other places in ½ Final.

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